In order to streamline device uploading to Helium Console, and, in particular, migrations from The Things Network (TTN) Console, we are releasing pre-built executables and the source code of helium-console-cli.

This public release includes the following features:

  • create and delete devices records, using (app_eui, app_key, dev_eui) or UUID
  • list all device records from an organization
  • create and delete labels by UUID
  • create and delete device labels, by using (device_uuid, label_uuid)
  • import devices from The Things Network (TTN) with optional labeling with app id


  • Console ‘api/v1’ Endpoint: a new endpoint and the ability to generate keys that don’t expire has been added to Console. The endpoints have been rate limited in the following way:
    • a single user can create a maximum of 10k labels and devices
    • the API is rate limited to 100 calls per second
  • API Keys stored in Plain Text: currently, when the user types in their API keys, it is stored in the directory of the executable in plain text.